Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Poppy's Ladder and a home decor piece I love!

First, let me introduce Poppy. This is my husband's grandparents. I do know that this
picture was taken in 1967. Poppy passed in August of 1973, taken a bit too early from Geraldine.

My husband and I met in the 90's so Poppy was only a memory but I was lucky enough to
 have gotten to know Gerry or GG as we called her. I am so thankful that she got to spend
a few years getting to know her two Great Grandchildren as well, Nick(our nephew) and Kim(our 
daughter). GG had a good life and went home peacefully on November 24, 2011. We sure
do miss her but have some wonderful memories.

My husband and I now live in the house that GG resided in later in her life. She always
 wanted one of her grandchildren to live in it. I guess maybe because then she would know
we would continue to care for it as she did. We inherited many of the things that come with a home, 
especially since it was in the family. The ladder being one of those things. It was no longer safe
to use as a ladder but my husband was a bit attached to it. We decided to keep it and put it to use.

So, here is Poppy's ladder:

It's not exactly how I want it but I think it will be one of those on going decor items where
you are constantly adding and changing.
Here's to you GG and Poppy!

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