Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SAF 2014: The 60's: Layered Stencils with Erin Lincoln

So, this is it. I am spent and ready for bed but I wanted to post this last card. Erin shows us a very cool technique with masking and a stencil. It's like an illusion, really neat.....try it out!!

I decided to go with the pinks and stuck with the same shape she used.   Enjoy!
See you all soon. I can't wait to sit and browse over everyone else's entries this week!

Thanks for stopping!

Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF 1980's with Lexi Daly

So, one thing I really related to when Lexi was talking about the 80's, was the rainbows and hearts. They were on my books, on my walls, on my clothes. Everywhere and anywhere. That's where I took my inspiration from for my card as you will see below:

Pretty straight forward but I HAD to go with neon colors, it just makes it that much more 80's!!

So, I asked my hubby what this reminded him of(no clue what I was up to) and he answered,
The Love Boat!!! So, I guess I did something right. LOL!

Thanks for looking!!

SAF 2014: The 1980's with Lexi Daly

I graduated from high school smack dab in the middle of the 80's in 1985.  I loved this challenge and video from Lexi because it truly brought me back in time. Sooooo many memories!! Thanks for that Lexi!!

Anyway,  I was a sticker hoarder and a snoopy lover(still am).  Needless to say, I had every package that Hallmark ever made of Snoopy stickers, amoung others. I saved some as you can see:

Remember when you could buy a package of 8 sheets for .95 cents??

So, I had to make a card with one of these. I will use it as an enclosure or a little lunch box note, or maybe even slip it in hubby's briefcase! So, here it is:

SAF 2014: Time After Time

For this challenge we had to find a card that we designed when we first started this fabulous journey. I had a little trouble. My Mom and sister save them all but we live two hours from each other and I did not want to lose out on valuable crafting time you see. So, I know they have some of my "firsts", but I had to work with what I had.

Well, I dug as deep as I could back to 2005, when I made an invitation for a party we had for Memorial Day. I always save those, the rest usually are given away.  So, I did change the sentiment since I am not having a party any time soon.

 What do you think?

See you again soon.

August Papertrey Blog Hop Challenge

                           It's the 25th, and I almost forgot about the Blog Hop today!!

                                                       Inspiration photo:

August blog hop inspiration

I have to admit that when I saw this I was excited because I have been meaning to do some simple
monogrammed notecards with a bit of bling.  You know how that goes, there's always something
more important to do.  So, here's my card. I decided it needed something more than just the pink dotted paper so I decided to cover it with some clear cardstock and I really like the results.
 Hope you like it!!   

Enjoy the hop!!

Goodnight to another crafty day

Here is a couple pictures after a busy crafty day yesterday. Very productive and inspiring too. The PTI design team is all amazing! Thanks for a super day!!

This is Jade with one of her favorite chomping toys. I always know she's ready to snooze when she has one of these permantly stuck in her mouth. I think I made her tired as she watched every move I made while keeping busy!

I do have a picture of my messy space but I can't seem to find it now. I think it's time for bed. I will edit this and add it in tomorrow!!  Night night.


Make It Monday #177: Using negative leftovers from a die cut

I guess I just didn't get my fill yesterday from the festivities at Papertrey Ink and SAF 2014. So I decided to make a card for MIM. Laurie shows us how to use the leftovers from a die to make a background.

I used a Tim Holtz die and played around with the shapes a little. Tried a few different things and ended with this. Hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shine and Sparkle with Heather Nichols

I had so much fun making this card-it just made me happy I guess.  I will have to make more embellies like the sun. Wow!! They sure stand out!!

And the whole card:

That's all for now!

Rhinestone Designs with Heather Nichols

This just made me giddy. I loved both of these techniques that Heather shared with us.  First off, I made the rhinestone embellishment with the "you" from the Phrase Play die. I got the rest of the sentiment from Wonderful Words additions. Lil Inkers rectangled stitched die and that is about all! CAS is all I can say for this  one!!

Wax Seals and The Renaissance

I do have one more take on the wax seals. I had the real stuff made for wax seals so I made some of theose too. I mounted them on some Bitty Button Die cuts I had laying around my desk for easy adhering when needed.  Here they are:

As you can see, I need some practice on these and I think I need to melt more wax. I do love the way the gold has black through it though.

The Renaissance: wax seals

Love the wax seals, just wondering how the Post Office handles this and if they should be hand cancelled?   Anyone have any idea?

I used a couple layers(flower fusion flower and a circle) and some gold embossing powder by Ranger. I also found an "S" stamp I had hidden away that worked perfectly!!  Oh, and I also stamped around it with a Limited Layers:Label stamp( I think that's the name of it!)


The Renaissance with Nichole

I have been looking forward to this challenge and I must say that I really enjoyed the velvet technique that Nichole showed us.

I really wanted to use a Tim Holtz alphabet that I have but quickly realized that the letters would
be backwards with the way you do this. Canned that idea, but I still wanted to make a coaster. I used my new Fancy That set(quite nervous bringing an iron to it-even if there was material inbetween!!)

Anyway, I did not ruin my new stamp and I was quite pleased with the results. i just need to come up with something around the edges, it looks too unfinished for my taste! The edge is raw material and cork(I just realized you can't see it!!)   Anyway, I hope to work on that!

Ancient Rome with Lizzie Jones

I must tell you that I did not purchase the SAF kit this year. There just wasn't enough in it that interested me this time but I did still want to participate. Many of the challenges I did but with my other PTI supplies.

I loved what Lizzie showed us in her tutorial!  I'm still working on one of the cards but the other one is below(a sneek peek):

I made a stamp with fun foam, just how Lizzie showed us. I used a Tim Holtz die, that worked just as well, as a cover plate since I do not have any cover plates yet.
You can check out the technique here with Lizzie

I loved how this turned out and such a fun technique!!!  On to the next!!

At the Beginning.......

I just had to post a picture of the day as it was beginning because I know this kitchen will be in shambles by 11:00 pm tonight!!

Ready, set,     GO!

I must've made at least 100 more trips into the craft room to complete my supplies!!!

Morning Timer Challenge

So, I guess it's time to post a little!!  I don't know where the day went but even flying solo, it has gone so quickly!!

I did get to complete the timer challenge with extra time, good enough for another cuppa joe!

I choose the first color  recipe that you see here:  

and here is the sketch I chose:
and here is my 10 minute CAS card:
Off to the next challenge!! Have fun!

Friday, August 22, 2014

It's time for Stamp-a-faire

Looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow with Papertrey Ink and their FREE online event.

                                            Coming from Buffalo, NY and I am ready to craft
                                                             ALL DAY LONG !!!!!

My pups are all worn out from a busy day today.  I hope they will want to lounge around while my DH and DD go biking or kayaking and let me craft the day away!!  

                                                  Here is Scarlett all worn out!

Jade on the other hand is much younger and of course more energetic.
She decided to lay on my t-shirt quilt blocks I'm working on. Gotta 
shift gears for tomorrow!!  Have fun everyone!!