Friday, April 3, 2020

Springing Into New Habits

So, here I sit at home, like most everyone else in the world except those brave souls out there fighting this terrible Covid 19.   I thought it was a good time to start up this Blog again as I have had extra time lately! And I do hope to continue, even if it eventually only happens once a week.

You see, a little over a year ago, we bought a Bed and Breakfast. Oscar's Inn in Buffalo, NY.
The first picture is our front porch. The room right off the porch when you walk through the door, on your right, is our Wade room (the next picture).

                           This next picture is me with our dog Jade. She just loves everyone!
Right now obviously it is very quiet but it has given us a chance to do some marketing and do some repairs. As well as finish unpacking those last few boxes that were lingering around the house! Anyway, enough about our Inn.

I have been creating Buffalo cards with lots of scraps I haven't had the heart to throw away. When you put so much time into a technique, they are hard to part with, ya know? Thankfully, most of what I had was big enough to get a Buffalo or two. Then. I will sell them in packages of 4 and 6 and singles too! Let me know what you think of my gift shop-Oscar's Originals. Remember, I just started so, don't be too critical but happy for any comments or ideas, Thanks!

These are my favorites for sure!

So, that's about all for today, I will not bore you with trying to recap the last year of our lives with the B and B.  Lets just say that it was definitely the right decision and we have met so many fabulous people. I can't wait until people start travelling again! I'll leave you all with that.
Be Kind and Crafty!   And thanks for stopping by!

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