Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th treats for kids

I wanted to make something up for my nieces and nephews this year for the 4th.  I'm usually
not to keen on the candy thing but I pushed that aside this year. I did get a few small toys but couldn't seem to tie them in with the cup of candy.

I first put in two pieces of paper to separate the cup into sections and went to town!  Who knew there
were red, white and blue goldfish crackers out there!? I just happened upon them. I also included:

red hot candies
blue gummy bears
gummy rings(circles)
tootsie pops(red, white and blue found at the dollar store)
a pinwheel
pop rocks
an old cupcake star pic
and to tie it all together I typed up:  "Hope your Holiday is RED HOT!" and stuck it
on a Tim Holtz memo pin.  Tied some bakers twine around the cup and stuck some white paper frills by Doodlebug on with a glue dot and what do you know,   I've got a zippy looking cup of sugar!!!

Happy Fourth to all!!   God Bless America!

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