Monday, February 24, 2014

Kale Obsession

I'm not sure what is required to be considered an obsession but I think I am officially obsessed with kale. I have grown to like it over the past couple years from chips to an extra "beef me up" ingredient
in soups to boost my vitamin intake.

Anyway, I got a large bag of kale and some butternut squash a couple days ago and have been eating it ever since. I bought the ingredients to make a recipe I saw on Food TV that The Pioneer Woman made for a "lighten up" lunch.  It was a delicious Kale stir-fry that I loved. Very basic. I have tweaked it every time since the first batch.

I added a bit of chopped up garlic and squirt of lemon to brighten it up a little. Then in another bunch I added the garlic along with some craisins I had. I also added a little extra liquid to this batch so the craisins would plump up(you could use chicken broth like I used or even a little water. Delicious!!

I still have some left waiting to be used, what should I make next?  Any ideas??

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